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Add Text to Video PRO is your best tool in keeping your public-viewed video files secured and protected. Such tool helps companies in battling with the ever-increasing threats of piracy, stealing as well as tampering of official videos. Aside from the advantage of file protection, this software could also be utilized by companies for enhancing branding and exposure for marketing and advertising.

Compatible with
Also works with:
Windows XP and
Windows Vista ®
" This is a simple way to get photos that you need. It is easy to clean up some photos that still have date stamps on them. "
" Overall, I give the Add Text to Video PRO a 10. I got 4 out of 4 perfect results on different tasks, effortlessly without a problem or disappointment. I'm sure there will be photos that will not work, but for those that do it is fast, easy and visually perfect. Less than a 5 minute learning curve. "

With the use of such software, incorporating watermarks in your company-produced videos can be simply done. You just have to prepare for the exact file, which can be your company logo/brand, a statement or whatever you wish, you want to use as your watermark. And since customization is highly possible with such software, deciding for the complete look of your watermark could be done without a fuss. Doing this process protects any video from being copied and/or stolen by unauthorized personnel.
As technological innovation continues, the demand for document security and authenticity has also been increasing rapidly. This is because software piracy has recently becoming one of the huge threats to software developer industries. Aside from them, users are also subjected to such potential disaster as software without sufficient security could be simply tampered and stolen.
Because of this recurring problem today, more methods have been devised to protect and avoid continuous threats to software and online data piracy. One of the best approaches that have been provided is the integration of protection techniques and mechanisms in the software to make cracking, tampering and even stealing difficult and impossible. One of such invention is the Add Text to Video PRO.